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15 February 2009 @ 10:09 am
"If the end is so much better, why don't we just live forever?"  
Okay so I wanted to post a few of the poems I've written lately because I think their actually good.

Dear Dad

I’m sick of feeling like I’m the bad one,
Like everything I do is wrong,
But I swear when everything goes wrong,
It wont be me that’s to blame,
I’ll be you and your messed up ways,

When you finally grow up,
And realize what you’ve done,
I wont be here you,
Like you weren’t here for me,

I’ll never waste my time on you again,
Your immature ways,
Aren’t wroth one breath I take,

So from now on when I’m on your mine,
Remember you won’t be on mine.


The reflection that looks back
Rots and decays with every passing second
The core of madness shining its bright light
Sending waves of fear and tears
The poison water dripping down
Red puffy unwanted flesh
And so it’s burns
Like the fires bathing the soul


Looking off into space,
Wishing my star was closer to reach,
But the miles dancing between,
Seem to get longer with every dream,

My head grows heavy,
The wait pulling me down,
All the stress and hate,
Drowning the last bit of hope,

Watching you

I watch you from my window
Even thought it’s frosted over
And the lights to deem to see
For even if your figure is blurred
And your face not so clear to see
I know it’s you moving swiftly
Your body calling out for me